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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2020 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2020
1. The true stomach of a goat is called
2. The causative organism of tuberculosis is a
3. Which of the following animal products is used in leather industry?
4. The recommended breeding ratio of male to female in rabbit production is
5. To avoid the outbreak of Newcastle disease on a poultry farm, chicks should be
6. Cooking pork properly is a way of eliminating
7. Piglets are given iron dextran in order to
8. The main advantage of keeping rabbits in tier cages is to
9. The most likely cause of death of a local hen near its eggs during incubation is
10. If the weight of a duck increases from 0.4kg to 2.4 kg in one month after consuming 6.0 kg of feed, determine the feed conversion ratio
11. Which of the following processes is not involved in artificial insemination?
The diagram below illustrates parts of a farm animal study it and use it to answer questions 12 to 14
12. The part labelled I could be removed for the following reasons: I. To increase floor space II. Promote self defense III. Prevent injury
13. Which of the following animals does not possess the part labelled I?
14. The part labelled II is called
15. Advertisement of bacon could lead to
16. Which of the following practices could be used to improve pastures in West Africa? I. Manuring II. Liming III. Controlled burning
17. Livestock are starved for 10 to 18 hours before dewormers are administered in order to
18. Which of the following practices could be used to improve local breeds of goats? I. Introduction II. Castration III. Selection
19. Which of the following factors does not affect the quality of pasture?
20. Which of the following statements about cats is correct? They are
21. The scolex is associated with
22. The function of an electro-ejaculator during artificial insemination is to
The table below shows the percentage composition of milk obtained from a cow. Study it carefully and use it to answer questions 23 to 26.
23. Determine the value of X
24. What percentage of the milk is total solid?
25. If 1200 kg of milk is produced per lactation, determine the water content
26. The nutrient in milk responsible for building new tissues is
27. Which of the following groups of feed stuff could be used as concentrate?
28. Which of the following forage is a leguminous plant?
29. The scrotum in a bull helps in
30. Which of the following diseases of pigs could be effectively controlled by slaughtering and burying?
31. Which of the following diseases of poultry is caused by nutrient deficiency?
32. Which of the following structures serves as a shock absorber for growing foetus?
33. Farm animals are starved before slaughtering in order to
34. Which of the following management practices correctly matches the animal on which it is carried out?
35. The pricing of beef cattle in West Africa is usually based on
36. Which of the following statements about pastures are correct? I. lt is easily digested Il. It contains more cellulose III. It supplies cheaper feed
The diagrams below illustrate tools used in animal husbandry. Use them to answer questions 37 and 38.
37. Which of the tools are used during the construction of a rabbit hutch?
38. The tool labelled Ill is called
39. Livestock could be restrained during
40. lf the hatchability of ostrich eggs is 70% determine the number of chicks that could be hatched from 4000 fertile eggs set in an incubator
41. When birds of different ages are reared in the same pen, it could result in I. Cannibalism II. Starvation III. Over crowding
42. Which of the following organs are part of the female reproductive system? I. Ovary II. Seminal vesicle III. Fallopian tube
43. The system In which chickens are reared in movable wooden units is known as
44. When temperatures are within the thermoneutral zone, egg production in layers is expected to be
45. Which of the following farm animals could produce food without being slaughtered?
46. Oyster shell is included in feed of farm animals because it
47. During incubation of chicken eggs, candling is done on days
48. Deamination of amino acids takes place in the
49. The genetic make-up of an organism is described as its
50. The atlas vertebra is located