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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2019 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2019
1. The botanical name for Guinea grass is
2. The incubation period for the egg of turkey is
3. The live stock marketing chain begins with the
4. Anaemia in piglets could be prevented by providing them with
5. Browsing by ruminants is the act of
6. Candling is done in a hatchery in order to remove
7. Which of the following livestock disease affect the reproductive system?
8. In order to prevent bulls from eating during traction, they should be
9. Which of the following pairs of factors must be effectively controlled in artificial incubation?
The diagram below illustrates a farm animal. Use it to answer questions 10 to 13.
10. The part labelled I is called
11. Which of the following uses are associated with the part labelled II? I. Decoration II. Feed ingredient III. Liming
12. The edible parts are labelled
13. Which of the following products could be obtained from the farm animal iIIustrated?
14. Which of the following statements about artificial insemination is not correct?
15. Which of the following feed ingredients is used to improve the quality of egg shell?
16. Unlike local breeds of goats, exotic breeds are usually
17. Which of the following factors is no considered when selecting livestock?
18. Which of the following statements is an advantage of the battery cage system of poultry production?
19. The correct way of lifting a large rabbit is by grasping the skin over the
20. Some farm animals do not require vitamin B in their diet because it
21. In poultry production, incubators are used to supply heat to
22. Which of the following domestic fowls require the highest amount of protein in their diet?
23. New-born livestock should be fed with colostrums mainly because it
24. Which of the following factors adversely affect feed utilization and productivity in poultry? I. High fibre content of feed II. Low calcium diet III. Water deprivation
25. The equipment used in concentrating heat for chicks during brooding is
26. Which of the following factors does not influence the distribution of farm animals in west Africa?
27. The correct order in which food moves through the digestive system of the domestic fowl is
28. Which of the following diseases usually occur during brooding of chicks? I. Y olk sac infection II. Coccidiosis III. Fowl pox
29. One of the reasons for dehorning cattle is to
30. The diagram above is an illustration of the life cycle of a farm animal. At which stage wiII lactation start?
31. Feed waste by birds in deep litter house could be minimized by
32. Rinderpest in cattle could be prevented by
33. Which of the following factors should be considered in the siting of a pig sty? I. Slope of the land II. Vegetation cover of the land III. Direction of the sun
34. The ration which provides just enough energy for normal physiological processes to take place in farm animals is known as
35. Pasture of goats should contain some shrubs to provide opportunity for them to
36. Which of the following animals have large litter size? I. Grasscutter II. Pig III. Rabbit
37. The objective of flushing in female livestock is to
38. Wing-web injection is administered to four weeks old chicks in order to prevent
39. The needle teeth of piglets are removed in order to
40. All the offspring of the first generation of farrn animals would be tall if the gene for tallness is
41. The quality of natural pasture could best be improved by
42. Temperature breeds of livestock which are imported to the tropics could suffer from
43. Which of the following statements about pasture intended for use as silage is correct?
44. Deficiency of vitamin K in farm animals causes
45. Fumigation of incubator and disinfection of brooder house are aimed at preventing
46. If the weight of a goat increased from 19kg to 39kg in 3 months, determine the average monthly weight gain
47. The device which helps to regulate temperature in an incubator is the
48. Which of the following stomach compartments secretes digestive enzymes in ruminants?
49. In which part of the digestive system of poultry is cellulose digested?
50. The development of the embryo in farm animals takes place in the