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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2017 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2017
1. A young female pig is called a
2. Semen to be used in artificial insemination is normally stored in liquid
3. Castration involves the removal of the
4. Sun-dried forage stored for future use is termed
5. Thryonomys swinderianus is the scientific name of
6. Piglets are usually creep-fed to
7. Poor egg shell information in poultry could result from the deficiency of
8. Which of the following statements about artificial insemination are correct? I. The semen could be used to serve several cows II. It reduces the spread of veneral diseases III. It is less expensive than natural method
9. One of the reasons of debeaking is to
10. In silage making, it is essential to compact the herbage in order to
11. Which of the following characteristics are associated with goats? I. The males have beard II. The tails are usually erect III. They are good browsers
12. An infectious poultry disease caused by bacteria is
13. Micro-organisms in the rumen of some farm animals aid in digestion of
14. In the castration of farm animals, the burdizzo is used to
15. Vitamin E deficiency in farm animals results in
16. An example of a disease transmitted by ticks is
The diagram below is an illustration of the leg of a farm animal. Study it carefully and use it to answer questions 17 to 19.
17. The part labelled I is the
18. Which of the following nutrients is required most for the healthy development of the part labelled I?
19. Which of the following practices may be carried out on the part labelled I?
20. A disease in rabbits caused by protozoa is
21. The end product of carbohydrate digestion in a pig is
22. The hormone which causes the development of alveoli in mammary gland is
23. Which of the followin,g symptpms are characteristics of sodium deficiency in farm animals? I. Anaemia II. Poor growth III. Reduced egg production
24. Taenia saginata is the scientific name of
25. The sex hormone produced by the ovaries of cow are
26. In feedings snails, care must be taken to prevent direct contact snails with
27. An example of ectoparasites of farm animals is
28. In-breeding in farm animals does not result in
29. If 100 broilers require 4.5 litres of water a day, how many litres of water will 700 broilers require in a day?
30. Vaccine is administered to chicks at four weeks to prevent
31. Mange is a livestock disease caused by
32. Which of the following livestock is a local breed of goat?
33. The developing embryo of an egg obtains its food from the
34. The genital pore of the snail is found near the
The diagram below is an illustration of the reproductive system of a farm animal. Study it carefully and use it to answer questions 35 to 37.
The structure illustrate in the diagram is found in
36. The parts labelled I and II are
37. The main function of the part labelled III is
38. Determine the number of bulls required to serve 400 cows if a bull to cow ratio of 1:25 is used
39. Which of the following statements about the lighting conditions in a poultry house are correct? I. It affects egg laying II. Bright light makes birds active III. Intense light causes heat stress
40. Which of the following statements about forage grasses is correct?
41. One of the responses of cattle to excessive noise is
42. The main purpose of using paddocks in cattle rearing is to
43. Sterility in farm animals could most likely be due to
44. Identification is required in animal production to
45. Which of the following farm animals is correctly matched with its product?
46. The true stomach of cattle is referred to as
47. Natural pastures could be greatly improved by
48. Brucellosis in cattle leads to
49. Birds specially selected and developed for meat production are called
50. Which of the following selection methods is based on the performance of the offspring?