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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2016 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2016
1. The average gestation period of a sow is
2. The function of the placenta is to
3. During incubation, candling is done on day
4. Which of the following vitamins is soluble?
5. Piglets are given roasted laterite in order to
6. An inflammation of the udder of a cow with frequent yellowish discharge is a symptom of
7. Diclacium phosphate contains 17% phosphorous. Determine the amount of phosphorous supplied by 15kg of dicalcium phosphate in animal diet
8. Which of the following foodstuffs provide mainly protein to the farm animals?
9. The components of concentrate include
10. Animals are tethered in order to
11. Which of the following items is not used in artificial insemination?
12. Hatching of the eggs of snails is promoted by
13. Which of the following structures serves as a shock absorber for a growing foetus?
14. One disadvantage of using Leucaena sp. as a forage crop is its
15. Spaniel is a type of
16. The performance of birds could best be assessed under the
17. Which of the following statements about wet litter in a poultry house are correct? I. it enhances the build-up of ammonia II. It makes the birds feel good III. It serves as a medium for the development of pathogenic diseases
18. Grits in poultry feed aids the
19. Which of the following activities correctly matches the animal on which it is performed?
20. A ruminant livestock which is grazing in a snail infested marshy pasture is likely to be infested by
21. Endoparasites of farm animals are most effectively controlled by
22. The true stomach of ruminants is called
23. The development of the embryo in farm animals takes place in the
24. Which of the following pairs of feed ingredients is required for the repair of worn-out tissues in farm animals?
25. Fowls are debeaked in order to
26. A mature cow would hardly show deficiency symptoms of vitamin B because
27. The hormone that promotes sperm transport in the female genital tract of farm animals is called
28. If each bird in a poultry house occupies a space of 0.2m², determine the number of birds that would occupy a space of 20m x 16m
29. The recommended breeding ratio of male top female in grasscutter production is
30. Which of the following management practices would result in antibody production ion farm animals?
31 . An example of hampless cattle is
32. An example of diseases caused by nutrient deficiency in farm animals is
33. The organism that causes heart water disease in cattle transmitted by
34. Which of the following functions are performed by the kidney? I. osmoregulation II. Excretion of ureter III. Deamination
35. The production of antibodies in the body of farm animals is a function of the
36. The New Zealand White is a breed of
37. The pendulous scrotum in a zebu bull helps in
38. Which of the following animal improvements methods leads to heterosis?
39. When temperatures are within the thermoneutral zone, egg production in layers is expected to be
40. A lengthy small intestine in farm animals ensures
41. The housing unit which enables the farmer to restrain cattle in order to carry out mass vaccination is called
42. Which of the following breeds of cattle produces the highest amount of milk in West Africa?
43. Low relative humidity on an animal farm could result in
44. One advantange of keeping grasscutter in tier cages is that there is
45. Which of the following management practices is carried out in pig production?
46. An advantage of the free range system on keeping poultry is that
47. The production of a progeny through the mating of closely related pairs is called
48. A type of work for which a person feels suited and is adequately prepared for by the necessary education and skills is called
49. Governments could enhance animal production by
50. The Rhode Island Red breed of fowl is a