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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2015 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2015
1. In farm animals, fertilization occurs in the
2. The main responsibility of farm hands in animal production is
3. Which of the following ingredients is required for teeth development in livestock?
4. Oxytocin is a hormone which
5. Deficiency of vitamin K
6. Groundnut cake in animal feed supplies mainly
7 . Which of the following conditions is not a result of low common salt intake in poultry?
8. In a pig, salivary amylase converts
9. Which of the follo,Wing hormones are female reproductive hormones? I. Oestrogen II. Relaxin III. Testosterone
10. The albumen of an egg is secreted in the
11. Feed can be prevented from growing mouldy by
12. An end product of herbage fermentation in the rumen is
13. A zoonotic disease is one that
14. Which of the following organisms is an endoparasite of farm animals?`
15. A chick observed to have curled toes and reduced growth rate is likely to be suffering from a deficiency of
16. Livestock are starved about 10 to 18 hours before the administration of dewormer
17. An example of tick-borne diseases is
18. A disease associated with the udder of ruminants is
19. Female animals willingly allow mating during
20. Which of the following statements about duck is correct
21. The ideal ambient temperature for broiler chicks which are 9 days old is
22. Does are put on adequate nutrition one week before mating to
23. High percentage of hatchability is achieved when eggs to be incubated are kept for not more than
24. The most effective way of controlling ectoparasites in laying birds is
25. Which of the following conditions are required for successful incubation of eggs? I. Turning of eggs II. Suitable temperature III. High relative humidity
26. Which of the following statements about broiler diet is correct?
27. Which of the following equipment can be used to castrate a piglet?
28. In poultry production, straw is not suitable as a litter material because it
29. The Rhode Island Red breed of fowl is a
30. Which of the following signs are shown during oestrus in livestock? I. Increased restlessness II. Reduced body temperature III. Bellowing when isolated
31. The Kuri is a breed of
32. If 100 broilers require 4.5 litres of water a day, how many litres of water would be required by 700 broilers?
33. Which of the following birds is a pet of high international reputation?
34. The average gestation period of a goat is
35. The needle teeth of piglets are removed to
36. Which of the following conditions could lead to the clustering together of chicks under the hover?
37. A breed of cattle that is trypanotolerant is
38. Ruminants are able to break down roughage because
39. A hog is a castrated
40. The young of a cat is called
41. Which of the following structures in the egg serves as a source of nutrients for the developing embryo?
42. In order to prevent bloat cattle should not be
43. The weaning period of dairy cows is short because
44. A wedge shaped cattle with narrow shoulders could be a
45. On a range land, legumes
46. An example of browse plants is
47. Which of the following statements about natural pastures is correct? I. They are poor in protein and minerals II. They are abundant in the wet season III. They set seed early and become very fibrous
48. Hutches should be located away from densely populated areas because rabbits
49. Plants are grown in snail breeding paddocks in order to provide
50. Mating of rabbits should take place in