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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2013 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2013
3. Which of the following practices is a recommended method of weaning piglets?
1. Internal parasites in farm animal are mostly controlled by
5. The main function of colostrum in the diet of new born calves is the provision of
4. A sow that is sufficiently steamed up would
2. A deficiency symptom of vitamin E in a goat is
6. Which of the following effects could most likely be due to low relative humidity?
7. Rinderpest disease in livestock is usually prevented by
8. Which of the following animal could be described as non-traditional livestock? I. Rabbit II. Pig III. Snail
9. The main reason for mixing semen with an extender for artificial insemination is to
10. Roughages are important in the diet of ruminant because they
11. Which of the following tools are used for closed castration in farm animal production? I. Rubber Band II. Burdizzo III. Emasculator
12. The best method of controlling the spread of African swine fever is to
13. A major consequence of manuring pasture with the droppings of farm animals is that the livestock
14. Mastitis in farm animals is caused by
15. Which of the following building materials would provide good housing for stored feed? I. Bamboo II. Mud III. Metallic sheets
16. A deficiency symptom of magnesium in the diet of farm animals is
17. An advantage of rotational grazing is that
18. If the floor space per bird is 0.25m2 determine the number of birds that could be kept in a house measuring 20m x 8m.
19. The end product of digestion of carbohydrates in farm animals is
20. Which of the following diseases commonly affect rabbits?
21. A 60 kg heifer consumed 3% of its body weight of fee Determine the quantity of left over feed if it was offered 5 kg of feed
22. The major nutrients obtained by poultry from leafy vegetable are
23. Which of the following feed ingredients could be included in poultry feed to prevent osteomalacia?
24. In hot environment dogs regulate their body temperature by
25. The F, generation of a cross between a tall animal and a short animal were all tall because the gene for
26. Which of the following chemical could be used to prevent foot rot in cattle?
27. The recommended breeding ratio of males to female in grasscutter production is
28. One reason for discouraging inbreeding in farm animals is that
29. A poultry farmer who mates local hens with leghorn cocks is practicing
30. Which of the following function are performed by the liver? I. Production of bile II. Secretion of insulin III. Detoxifications
31. Block-shaped body conformation is a characteristic of
32. Newly born rabbits are called
33. Which of the following factors is of least importance in the selection of pigs for breeding?
34. The botanical name of northern gamba grass is
35. Ruminants fed on dried grass are given supplements to
36. Emasculators are instruments used in animal production for
37. Which of the following diseases affect rabbits? I. Coccidiosis II. Ear canker III. Newcastle
38. In sheep production, litter is placed on the floor in order to
39. One effect of high temperature on farm animals is
40. Which of the following farm animals is a breed of ducks?
41. In a cow, position of the udder is in the
42. Which of the following practices seeks to removes odour from billy goats.
43. The function of the thoracic vertebra in farm animals is to support the
44. Which of the following glands in farm animals produces follicle stimulating hormone?
45. The first vaccine administered to day-old chick is intended to prevent
46. If 3000 cattle are grazed on a pasture measuring 600m x500m, determine the stocking rate.
47. Disbudding is a management practice that
48. Which of the following disease of poultry of caused by a protozoa
49. Chevon is the obtained from
50. Symptom associated with the deficiency of vitamin B in farm animals include