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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2012 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2012
1. Wet dogs normally dry themselves by
2. Which of the following animal products can be used in the production of gelatin?
3. The most important factor affecting animal production in Ghana is
4. Which of the following statement about mixed pasture is correct?
5. Farm animals may be tethered when the
6. Which of the following materials is used in dehorning two-month old calves?
7. The grasscutter can be described as
8. Which of the vocations are related to animal production? I. Research II. Packaging III. Organic manure production
9. The heat period in farm animal is significant because it indicates that
10. The dressing percentage of a pig weight 80kg is 70%. Determine the yield of carcass of the pig.
11.Which of the following groups of feed could best help in repairing worn out tissues of pigs?
12.Natural pastures could be improved by
13. Which of the following problems are associated with livestock production in Ghana? I. Frequent death due to snake bite II. High incidence of disease III. Unreliability of feed supply
14. Roughage contains high amounts of
15. A ration that improves the efficiency of conversion of feed into animal products is called
16. Which of the following symptoms is associated with vitamin C deficiency in farm animals?
17. Mouldiness in animal feed is caused by
18. The foetus in farm animal is protected from mechanical injury by the
19. Which of the following climatic factors has the greater effect on the fertility of pigs?
20. Foot and mouth disease of cattle is caused by a
21. Eggs in a poultry house are collected frequently to
22. Which of the following chemicals are used in footbaths on animal farms?
23. One of the problems of inbreeding in animals is the production of animals that
24. Which of the following characteristics I. Alertness II. Aggressiveness III. Playfulness
25. The most popular commercial breed of pig in Ghana is the
26. The gestation period of the domestic cat is
27. Which of the following processes are used in preparing fresh hide for leather production? I. Salting II. Shade drying III. Smoking
28. One function of pasture is that it
29. Which of the following vitamins is synthesized in the rumen of ruminants?
30. The cut and carry system of feeding livestock is also termed
31. Which of the following parts of digestive system of the fowl is considered the granular stomach
32. The recommended age at which rams could be used for mating is
33. Which of the following organs of fowl produces the yolk of an egg?
34. In the preparation for parturition, warmth should be provided to
35. Which of the following parasite of livestock possesses proglottis?
36. An animal feed or weight 50kg contains 32% protein Determine the non-protein content of the feed
37. Which of the farm animal has the tendency to browse?
38. The weight of a goat increased from 25kg to 45 kg in 2 months after consuming 60kg of feed during the. Determine the feed conversion
39. A female pig is known as
40. Which of the following nutrients are involved in the maintenance of body temperature of farm animals?I. Water II. Carbohydrate III. Minerals
41. Which of the following diseases of farm animals is caused by a virus?
42. A living organism that establishes a physiological relationship with its host and deprives the host of nourishments called a
43. Which of the following mineral is required for protein synthesis?
44. The hormones that stimulates the development of mammary glands in farm animals is
45. Which following sign is usually associated with ticks infestation in farm animals?
46. Yolk-sac infestation in poultry is usually noticed in
47. Which of the following ingredients will provide bulk in poultry feed
48. The feeding habit of snail could be described as
49. Which of the following pairs of animals have taboos associated with their consumption in Ghana?
50. The act if giving birth in rabbit is known as