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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2011 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2011
1. Non-traditional farm animals include
2. Which of the following animals is omnivorous?
3. Absorption of food nutrients takes place in the
4.The central nervous system consists of the
6. The main function of the afferent neuron is to carry impulses from
5. Which of the following function is performed by the epidermis?
7. The correct sequence of the external body parts of cattle from the anterior end to the posterior end is
8. The end-products of digestion of lipids include
9. Which of the following tests can be used to detect the presence of protein in a feedstuff?
10. Iodine is important in animal nutrition mainly because it
11. The developing embryo of an egg obtains its food from the
12. Which of the following feed ingredients could be recommended to a farmer whose hens are laying thin-shelled eggs?
13. Green herbage is a major source of
14. Which of the following factors should be considered in ration formulation?
15. Which of the following organisms is transmitted by ticks?
16. Brucellosis in farm animal is caused by a
17. Which of the following diseases is zoonotic
18. Anthelmintics could be used to control
19. Which of the following parasites has a scolex?
20. Bloat in farm animals could be caused by
21. Organisms that transmit disease- causing microbes are called
22. Which of the following measures are effects for the control of ectoparasites in the large herd? I. Regular dipping with recommended acaricide II. Practicing rotational grazing III. Handpicking of parasites
34. Large white gilts are normally selected for breeding when they weigh about
35. One of the common cause of piglet mortality is
36. The smallest piglet in a litter is called
37 Which of the following statements about ducks is correct?
38. The commonest type of guinea fowl in Ghana in the
40. Which of the following condition could lead clustering together of chicks?
39. The first vaccine administered to day- old checks in intended to prevent
41. The normal weaning age of a kid is
42.Poor milk production in cows could be a result of
43. Mating in sheep is termed
44. Which of the following characteristics could be exhibited by a wether?
45. A wedge-shaped cattle with narrow shoulders could be a
46. One reason for castrating male goats is to
47. The scientific name of giant star grass is
48. In silage making, it is essential to compact herbage to
49. The sense used mostly by snails when searching for food is
50. New Zealand White is a breed of