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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2009 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2009
1. Farm animals develop immunity to disease through
2. Cannibalism in poultry can be controlled by
3. Which of the following diseases is caused by virus? Anthrax whitish watery
4. When groundnut cake is used in animal feed the major nutrient it provide is
5. Which of the following sequence of stages represents the life cycle of the tapeworm?
6. Beehives should be sited near a source of water because water
7. Which of the following statements about gumboro disease is true? I. It is caused by bacterial II. The affected birds become listless and nervous III. The affected birds produce diarrhea IV. There is sneezing and gasping
8. What would be the expected farrowing penod for gilt serviced on 1st March?
9. A zoonotic disease is best described as one that
10. The hormone responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics in female animals
11 . Farm animals usually respond to highly environmental temperature by
12. The energy an animal obtains from feedstuffs after losses in faeces, urine and gases is termed
13. The mating of two different breeds of animals of the same species is known as
14. The heat period in farm animals is significant because it indicates
15. Which of the following statements about grass-legume mixed pastures are true? I. Sward establishment is rapid II. There is increased production with greater palatability III. The legume is the sward grows faster and produce more herbage
Use the diagram of the carcass of a pig below to answer Questions 16 to 18. 16. The part of the carcass-labeled 6 is the
17. The boston butt is labeled as
18. Which of the following statements is correct?
19. The most effective method of controlling ectoparasites in a flock of birds in lay is
20. Which of the following statements are signs of oestrus? I. Increased restlessness II. Secretion of milk III. Bellowing when isolated IV. Reduced body tempeq1ture
21. Which of the following views describes a stationary animal observed from above?
22. If the floor space requirement of a broiler in the deep -litter house is 0.30 m2 how many broilers.will be kept in a house measuring 25 m _x 12 m?
23. The gestation period of a rabbit is
24. Which of the following observations in farm animals is an effect of high temperature?
25. A ration that enables a farm animal to carry out its normal life functions without either losing or gaining in body weight is known as
26. The major function of the gizzard in chicken is
27. Which of the following ingredients should be added to a layer’s feed when egg-shell quality is poor?
28. A sheep is estimated to between 1 ½to 2 years when the animal has
29. Which of the following statements about the worker in a bee colony are correct? They I. Mate with the queen for egg, laying II. Collect nectar and change it III. Feed the developing larvae and IV. Train the young bees to fly
30. The correct order of activities in dressing a bird’s carcass for the market is
31. If the temperature in a brooder house is low, the chicks will
32. Which of the following activities is associated with the ovary?
33. An important protozoan disease of cattle is
34. A good laying hen can be identified by its
35. Which of the following breeding methods produces hybrid vigour in offspring?
36. Plants are grown in snail breeding paddocks in order to provide
37. In artificial insemination, bulls are induced to ejaculate by
38. Which of the following pairs of organs perform the same functions in animal nutrition?
39. A cow consumes 9 kg of hay containing 8 kg of dry matter and excretes 3 kg of dry matter in its faeces. Determine the digestibility of the dry matter of hay.
40. A cross bred animal obtained from a zebu and a humpless cattle is called
Use the Pearson’s square below to answer Questions 41 and 42
41. The percentage of protein X in feed prepared by mixing soya 8 bean is
42. Determine the amount of maize used to prepare 1000 kg of the feed
43. Which of the following statements about inbreeding is false?
44. Eggs selected for incubation should be
45. Ruminants are able to breakdown cellulose because
46. Which of the following arrangements is the correct process-occurring during parturition in animals?
47. Which of the following statements about ticks is true
48. Which of the following practices are used in piglet management? I. Ear-notching II. Dis budding III. Iron injection be IV. Docking
49. In farm animals fertilization occurs in the
50. Which of the following groups of farm animals commonly suffer from coccidiosis?
51. A desirable characteristic of good pasture species is
52. Dried yeast in pig ration provides
53. The removal of undesirable birds from a flock is known as
54. A burdizzo is used for
55. Endoparasites in farm animal is most effectively controlled by regular
56. The act of mating in sheep is known as
57. The meat produced from cow is known as
58. Creep feeding refers to
59. Which of the following practices seeks to remove odour from billy goats?
60. Cattle production in Ghana is mainly for