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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2008 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2008
1. In a standing cow the hump is oriented in the
2. A characteristic feature of cervical vertebra is the presence of a
3. Which of the following nutrients can provide farm animals with insulation against cold weather?
4.The function of the spermatic cord is to
5. The term libido refers to the
6. Which of the following activities is associated With the ovary?
7. The hormone that influence the pelvic ligaments during parturition is
8. Emulsification of fat results from the action of
9. Which of the following organs ensures that toxic substances the blood are made harmless?
10. Palpation is a technique used to
11. Which of the following substances excreted by the skin
12. The optimum pH level required by Microbes in the rumen for fermentation is
13. Which of the following organs in poultry can be likened to the abomasums
14. After parturition, the release of milk is brought about by the action of
15. Feed given to farm animals to supply a deficient nutrient is referred to as
16. The main nutrient obtained by a goat that browses on oil palm leaves is
17. Urea, when fed to farm animals, could be described as
18. – Which of the following sequences correctly represents the stages in the life of tapeworm?
19. Which of the following disease is zoonotic?
20. Dark red blood oozing from the natural openings of a dead animal is a symptom of
21. Foot and mouth disease is caused by a
22. An example of thick-borne disease is
23. The best means to protect farm animals against non-pathogenic disease is to
24. Which of the following substances could be a constituent of.dilution semen to be used for artificial insemination?
25. Which of the following farm animals takes an average of 24 hours to complete oestrus?
26. Which of the following benefits could be derived from.the use slatted floors in animal production? I. Labour requirement is reduced II. Endoparasite build-up is reduced III. Odour and fly problems are reduced
27. Conditions of low humidity in a pen should be prevented because it
28. Which of the following parts could be obtained from a turkey
29. A gradual change from one type of of feed to another in calves is aimed at
30. Which of the following characteristics is associated with the intensive system , of pig production
31. The main function of the air sac in an egg is to
32. Birds specifically raised to produce hatchable eggs are called
33. Which of the following statement about ducks are true? I. They produce watery feaces II. They can be kept in battery cages III. They are poor forages
34. The presence of blister on the wattles and comb of a chicken is a symptom
35. The part of the avian digestive system which has a storage function is
36. Which of the following factors is most important in sitting a commercial poultry enterprise?
37. The purpose candling eggs is to Determine the stage of Calf
38. Which of the following animals is not a breed of pigs
39. Determine the percentage egg production if 400 layers lay an average 120 eggs a day.
40. The most suitable temperature range for chicken eggs after the 18th day of incubation is
41. Frequent breakage of eggs in a battery the cage system can be controlled by
42. The mineral that is needed most by day-old piglets is
43. The young of a cat is called a
44. Which of the following products are processed animal materials? I.Chevon II. Sausage III. Whey
45. A castrated bull is called
46. Which of the following products could be obtained from sheep? I. Hides II. Lard III. Manure
47. Which of the following sets of disease of cattle can be transmitted to man?
48. A sheep is estimated to be between one and a half to two years when it has
49. Which of the following practices could be used for identification of calves? I. Branding II. Dis budding III. Tagging IV. Ear-notching
50. Milk is deficient in
51. Which of the following practices could promote successful livestock production? I. Keeping of performance records II. Culling of poor animals III. Use of improved breeds.
52. Which of the following birds is associated with cattle rearing in West Africa?
53. The illegal killing of wildlife is termed
54. Which of the following plants is a
55. Trees are left on pasture mainly to
56. Determine the number of bucks to be kept among 372 does if 1 buck Fats serves 12 does.
57. When capturing a swarm, the bees should be
58. A matured male rabbit is called
59. The sex of a young grasscutter is best determined by observing the
60. Sandy soils are not suitable for snail farming because they