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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2007 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2007
1. On the basis of mode of feeding ducks are classified as
2. One major reason for the slow development of animal production in West Africa is that
3. In a cow, the udder’s position is
4. Female farm animals are willing to mate during
5. A function of the thoracic vertebrae in farm animals is to
6 . In farm animals, fertilization occurs in the
7. In poultry, grit could be found in the
8. Animals can obtain energy from
9. Which of the following statements about herbivores are true I. Non-ruminant herbivores have long caecum II. Non-ruminant herbivores have complex stomach III. Ruminant herbivores chew the cud
10. Which of the following glands produces follicle stimulating hormone?
11. Iodine deficiency in the diet of farm l animals may cause
12. The end-product of herbage fermentation
13. Cobalt is a constituent of
14. Deficiency of Vitamin K
15. Determine the weight gained by a lamb within a normal year if its birth weight was. 2.8kg and it gained 53g per day on the average.
16. Which of the following classes of pigs has the highest protein requirement?
17. Which of the following pairs of disease are zoonotic?
18. Which of the following symptoms is a typical of louse infestation
19. A symptom of ill-health in farm is
20. Which of the following statements about ticks is true?
21. Which of the following disease is caused by virus?
22. Which of the following chemicals could be used to control some types of ectoparasites of farm animals?
23. Which of the following statements about inbreeding in farm animals is are false I. lnbred animal reach market weight early II. Inbred animals have reduced III. Inbreeding increases the
24. Which of following practices seeks to remove odour from billy goats?
25. A mature whether would require relatively low amounts of because it
26. Which of the following methods of mating will help farmers keep better breeding records of their flocks I. Hand mating II. Artificial mating III. Pasture mating
27. Which of the following animal is a breed of turkey?
28. Animals are groomed to
29. High temperature on farm animals results in
30. The needle teeth in piglets are removed to
31. Which 0f the following statement about slatted floors are true I. They lessen labour requirements II. They reduce odour in pens III. They hamper movement of animals
32. A cock could be differentiated from a hen by the possession
33. Which of the following birds is a pet of high international reputation
34. The removal of unthrifty birds from a flock is termed
35. Which of the following factors have influence on egg weight? I. High environmental temperature II. Poor debeaking III. Comb size
36. The weight of sheep increased from 28kg to 48kg in two months. If the total amount of feed consumed during the period is 60kg, determine the feed conversion ratio
37. During egg formation in the hen, egg membrane is secreted in the
38. The process of giving birth in dogs is known as
39. The casual organism of a avian coccidiosis is
40. A piglet that is castrated before reaching sexual maturity is called
41. The feeding enclosure in a furrowing pen accessible to piglets only is called
42. An emasculator is an instrument used for
43. The correct order of activities following the slaughter of pig is
44. In a newly born calf, digestion of food occurs in the
45. In sheep production, litter is put on the floor to
46. Milk production in dairy cows can be incrased with adequate supply of
47. Disbudding as a management practice
48. Which of the following processes are used in the manufacture of cheese I. Curdling III. Fermentation Ill. Skimming
49. The average gestation period of a nanny goat is
50.The removal of skins and hides of
51. Some species of wildlife in West Africa are endangered because
52.Which of the following statements about silage is true?
53. Ruminants fed on dried grass are given supplements to
54. New shoots within the axils of folder leaves of grass are called
55. An advantage of rotational grazing is that
56. The botanical name of Northern Gamba grass (i.e. Bahama grass) is
57. Newly-born rabbits are called
58. Mating of rabbits should take place in
59. Which of the following products could be obtained from the comb of a honey bee? I. Royal jelly II. Honey Ill. Beeswax
60. Beehives should be sited near a source of water because water is required to