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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2006 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2006
Which of the following vocations are related to the animal industry? I. Research II. Packaging III. Organic manure production.
2. The saliva of farm animals contains
For which of the following pairs of farm animals does cellulose digestion occur mainly in their digestive system.
4. The foetus in animals is protected from mechanical injury by the
5. The skin of a farm animal is able to detect stimuli because of the presence of
6. One of the function of the liver in farm animals is to
7. Parturition in an ewe is termed
8. Which of the following factors influence water intake of livestock most?
9. The central nervous system of livestock is protected by the
10. The heat period in farm animals is significant because it indicate that
11. The inability of a duck to fly successfully could be due to an injury to the
12. The thoracic vertebra can be distinguish by the’ possession of a
13. A ration that improves the efficiency of conversion of feed into animal products is called
14. Sucrose is a kind of
15. A deficiency symptom of Vitamin C in farm animals is
16. Which the following organisms cause mouldiness in feed?
17. A mature cow will normally not show symptoms of vitamin B2 deficiency because
18. Which of the fol.lowing sugars is present in milk?
19. Which of the following feed ingredients would be recommended for hens laying thin-shelled eggs?
20. Foot and mouth disease of cattle is caused by a
21. An example of a disease that affects the nervous system of a farm animal is
22. Which of the folllowing disease is common to both poultry and rabbits?
23. Which of the following statement about animal irnprovement is true?
24. One result of inbreeding is the production of animal that
25. The most important climatic factor that affects fertility in pigs is
26. High relative humidity is undesirable to farm animals because it could
27. White Norfolk is a breed of
56. The olfactory nerves of the snail are
28. Eggs in a poultry house are collected frequently to Ensure that
29 . During incubation, eggs are candled to
30. Which of the following factors affect the hatchability of eggs? I. Male and female ratio II. Storage condition III. Egg shell colour
31. The teats of a sow are washed before farrowing to
32. Determine the yield of carcass if the dressing percentage of an 80kg pig is 72%
33. Which of-the following animals is commonly kept as a pet?
34. After a sow has farrowed, the oestrus cycle recurs in
35. Iron injection is administered to piglets within the first week of Farrowing to
36. Which of the following pairs of
37. A young female cow is known as
38. A footbath at the entrance of a poultry house contains
39. In pig production wallows are provided mainly to
40. The most popular commercial breed of pig in West Africa is the
41. Which of the following_ statement goat. about the fold system of poultry keeping is true?
42. Wet dogs normally dry themselves by
43. The difference between beef cattle and dairy cattle is that beef cattle
44. The normal body temperature of sheep is
45. Which of the following management practices is carried out in sheep production?
46. The sahiwal is a breed of
47. Whi~h of the following body parts is absent in goats?
48. The main reason for grouping cattle and goats together in the study of farm animals is that both
49. Steaming up in livestock rearing means giving a
51. An example of resource reserve is found at
56. The olfactory nerves of the snail are found on the
58. Which of the following products is obtained from milk? I. Cheese II. Lard III. Yoghurt
50. A farm animal may be tethered when the
57. For which of the following properties are tropical legumes bred? I. Increased dry matter yield II. Decreased competitive ability. III. Increased seep production. IV. Improved nodulation.
59. Which of the following organisms are predators of snails? I. Toads II. Rats III. Snakes
52. The botanical name of giant star grass is
60. Beehive may be sited in orchards so that the bees can
53. Which of the following plant part are browsed on by ruminants? I. Leaves II. Fruit III. Roots
54. Which of the following statement about mixed pasture is true?
55. Goats may reject matured elephant grass because of its.