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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2005 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2005
1. One of the biological factors affecting the performance of farm animals is
2. A type of work carried out by a well trained and skilled person is referred to as
3. The term libido refers to the
4. Which of the following organs is correctly matched with the substance it produces?
5. Which of the following enzymes found in the stomach of a pig?
6. The sex of a foetus is determine during
7. Follicle stimulating hormone is secreted by the
8. The hormone which prepares the uterus for successful implantation is
9. Which of the following chambers of the ruminant stomach lies against the diaphragm?
10. A long small intestine ensures
11. Vitamin B2 is also known as
12. The daily water intake of an ewe is 3.00 litres. If its water intake increases by 40% when it becomes pregnant, determine its new daily water intake in liters/day
13. The fixed portion of feed given daily to farm animals is called
14. The recommended crude protein of a ration for a lactating sow is
15. Cotton seed cake is an important source of
16. Which of the following vitamins is associated with the clotting of blood in animals?
17. Which of the following processes in farm animals are affected by high fibre content of feed? I. Feed intake II. Water intake III. Faecal output
18. Brucella melitensis causes brucellosis in
19. Which of the following livestock disease is zoonotic?
20. Which of the following disease is spread through faecal contamination of feed?
21. A breeding programme may include some inbreeding to
22. Which.of the following animal improvement methods leads to heterosis?
23. Exotic breeds of livestock introduced in Ghana are normally not used for line crossing because pure lines
24. The rate of metabolism in livestock is at a minimum in the zone of
25. Homoeostasis refers to the maintenance of constant
26. Piglets are injected with iron dextrin to
27. One way of preventing sows from harming young piglets is to
28. As part of the preparations to receive day – chicks, a brooder house.should be treated with
29. A good laying hens has
30. Fowls can reduce their body temperature by
31. An advantage of the intensive system of keeping farm animals is that
32. When a shrimp-like shadow vessels radiating from it is observed during candling, it indicates that the
33. Which of the following conditions are necessary for successful incubation? I.Turning of eggs II. Suitable temperature III. Suitable humidity IV. Double yolk
34, Which of the following animals is a ruminant?
35. Which of the following breeds of pigs is most suitable for bacon production
36. In pig production, singeing is done to
37. Which of the following symptoms.
38. The young of a dog is called
39. Ouda is a breed of
40. Which of the following disease could cause paralysis in cattle?
The part labeled I is the
42. Which of the following nutrients is required most for the healthy development of the part labeled II?
43. Which of the following operation may be carried out on the part labeled II?
44. Oestrus period in ewes lasts for
45. Using a bull : cow ratio I :25, determine the number of bulls required to serve 400 cows
46. Which of the following features are characteristics of Kuri cattle? I. White coat II. Presence of hump III. Possession of prominent horns
47. One of the aims of castration in farm animals is to
48. One advantage of using a rubber ring in castrating livestock is that
49. Parturition in goat is termed
50. Which of the following statements about goats are true? I. They may feed on some animal protein II. Males can be castrated by the use of burdizzo III. Females are polled
51. The purpose of wildlife conservation is to promote the continual survival of
52. Which of the following places is associated with a wildlife sanctuary?
54. The botanical name of buffel grass is
55. Which of the following plants is leguminous?
56. Which of the following statements about silage is true?
57. Which of the following animals’ stomach content is used in flavouring soups?
58. Which of the following materials could be used as concentrate feed for rabbits?
59. Large rabbits-should be lifted by the
60. Which of the following animals is Basically a nocturnal feeder?