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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2004 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2004
1. Vitamins synthesized in the stomach of ruminants include
2.An important factor to consider when selecting a feed ingredient for forrnulating poultry rations is the
3. Cassava is usually boiled before being fed to animals in order to
4. Which of the following feed ingredients supplies enough vitamins to farm animals?
5. In adult animals, calcium deficiency results in
6. Which of the following plants is a shrub for feeding livestock?
7. Farm animals used for traction require high amounts of
8. Which of the following disease of cattle is transmitted to humans through milk?
9. Which of the following methods is the best to control the outbreak of Newcastle disease?
10. Which of the following statements about parasite is true?
11. Mange in farm animals is caused by
12. A large infestation of lice on fowls could lead to
13. A disease which can be transmitted from farm animals to humans is said to be
14. Which if the following disease of ruminants could be prevented by vaccination? I. Anthrax II. Brucellosis III. Mastitis IV. Rinderpest
15. Sterility in farm animals could result from
16. The correct sequence of the life cycle of a tick is
17. Which of the following organisms are ectoparasites?
18. The causal agent of African swine fever is a
19 Which of the following disease is controlled by the use of anthelmintics?
20. A grass-legume mixture fed to animals could prevent
21. Heat period is the best time to mate animals because
22. A disadvantage of artificial insemination in animal production is that
23. Most hybrid vigor is expressed by traits with
24. When temperature are within the thermo- neutral zone, egg production in layers is
25. pig weighed 13kg at weaning and 88kg at slaughter. If it had consumed 230kg of feed, ratio. What is its conversion ratio
26. Which of the following pairs of body parts is found in cattle?
27. Which of the following factor should be used in selecting pig breeding stock?
28. What is the ideal ambient temperature for 9-day broiler chicks and that for day old chicks
29. White leghorn is widely used in west Africa as layers because
30. One major problem facing the animal industry is
31. Which of the following characteristics are found in birds with low egg production rate? I. Pale and flat combs II. Dull face pigmentation. III. Bright plumage
31. Which of the following characteristics are found in birds with low egg production rate? I. Pale and flat combs II. Dull face pigmentation. III. Bright plumage
32. The recommended crude protein of feed for layer chixks during the first six weeks is
33. A bird between the age of 10 weeks to 18 weeks can best be called a
34. A pullet start laying when it is
35. Long straw is not suitable as liter material in poultry production because it
36. Poultry farmers would prefer to sell their broilers at an early age to
37. A restless sow with reddened and swollen vulva is likely to be
38. Dogs lose heat mainly through
39. Dogs are put on adequate nutrition one week before mating to
40. A breed of cattle that is trypanosome- tolerant is
41. A cattle disease caused by reduction in blood calcium level is known as
42. The first activity to be taken to ensure the survival of a new-born lamb is the
43. Which of the following statement explains why some farmers oppose open castration?
44. Which of the following methods could be used to make feed available to cattle over dry season I. Production of maize during the dry season II. Increasing the acreage under pasture III. Reducing the number of cattle per hectare
45. One disadvantage of establishing pasture in a forest area is that
46. Which of the following statement about a mixed pasture of Centrosema and elephant grass is true?
47. The gestation period of the Grasscutter is
48. The hunting of Grasscutter is permitted throughout the year because the Grasscutter
49. The only member of a bee colony that stings is the
50. Which of the following conditions may cause swarming of bees from their hives?
51. Peste des petit ruminants (PPR) is caused by
52. Pigs may be bred to reduce
53. In animal Breeding, liquid nitrogen is used for
54. Birds reduce their body temperature through
55. A good breed of domestic fowl for dual purpose production is the
56. Which of the following groups of factor must be effectively controlled in artificial incubation?
57. The main function of the air sac in an egg is to
58. The correct sequence of steps in slaughtering livestock
59. The gestation period in sows is approximately
60. A disadvantage of natural incubation is that