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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2003 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2003
1. Ghanaian farmers would raise animals mainly for
2. The veterinary contribute to the improvement of animal production by
3. Which of the following animal products is used in the production of buttons?
4.Which of the following functions are performed by the liver in farm animals? I. Production of bile II. Storage of bile III. Detoxification
5. A mechanical activity that occurs on a crop of a bird is
6. Absorption of digested food in farm animals is facilitated by
7. Which compartment of the ruminant stomach contains gastric juice?
8. Microbes found in the rumen of farm animals include
9. The skeletal system consists of
10. The atlas vertebra is located
11. A supplementary feed is one which
12. The structure in the table which represents the caecum is
13. Which structure in the table represents the pancreas?
14. Which of the structures in the table is lacking in poultry
15. Feed could become rancid when it is
16. A chemical substance which is recycled through the saliva of livestock
17. A feed ingredient which could be included in poultry ration to prevent rickets is
18. A cow consumes 10.0kg of hay containing 6.5kg of dry matter. It excretes 2.0kg of dry matter in faces. Determine the digestibility of dry matter of hay to the nearest whole number.
19. By- products of livestock that could be used as feed ingredients in poultry ration include
20. Which of the following materials are components of concentrates? I. Bone meal II. Leguminous seeds III. Silage
21. Goats are well – noted for
22. The inorganic matter of the milk sample is
The portion of matter in the milk sample that normally produces energy is
24. Which of the following observations is a sign of ill- health in cattle?
25. Viral disease in farm animals can best be controlled through
26. Which of the following pairs of disease is non- zoonotic?
27. The component of trocar as a tool
28. The structure that assists the tapeworm to have a firm grip on the host is the
29. A disease of farm animals associated with abortion and infertility is
30. Which of the following husbandry practices are used in preventing diseases in farm animals? Suitable housing Quarantine Adequate feeding
31. Peste des petit ruminants (PPR) is caused by
32. Pigs may be bred to reduce
33. In animal Breeding, liquid nitrogen is used for
34. Birds reduce their body temperature through
35. Which of the following statements about slatted are true? I. They lessen labour use II. They reduce transmission of diseases III. They reduce odour and fly problems
36. A good breed of domestic fowl for dual purpose production is the
37. Which of the following groups of factor must be effectively controlled in artificial incubation?
38. The main function of the air sac in an egg is to
39. The correct sequence of steps in slaughtering livestock
40. The gestation period in sows is approximately
41. A disadvantage of natural incubation is that
42. Which of the following statements are advantages of the battery cage system of poultry production? I. Aiding human health II. Reduction in aggressive behavior of birds III. Production of large size eggs IV. Protection of birds from
43. Which of the following symptoms are shown by chicks suffering from vitamin B2 deficiency I. Diarrhoea II. Curled-toe paralysis III. Nervousness IV. poor feeding
44. I poultry, the ovum is fertilized in the
45. The act of mating in turkey is termed
46. A symptom of Gumboro disease in poultry is
47. Which of the following feed ingredient could be a source of cost of the essential amino acids for The below shows the lower jaw of a cattle. poultry?
48. The meats from goat is known as
49. The offspring obtained from a cross between a zebu and a humpless cattle is called
50. Cattle is reared in Ghana mainly for
51. Which of the following conditions could cause scouring in calves I. Chilly weather II. Insufficient feed intake III. Poor sanitation IV. Over – flushing
52. Which of the following herbage is a legume for feeding livestock?
The shaded permanent teeth in the jaw above shows that the age of the animal is about
54. Some species of Wildlife in West Africa are endangered because of
55. The most appropriate leguminous plant that could be used in planting in an alley cropping.
56. The upper expanded part of the grass
57. Which of the following statement about tropical pasture grasses are true? I. Their yield increases as the grasses mature. II. The nutritive value of a young grass is higher than that of a mature grass. III. The dry matter content of a young grass is higher than that of mature grass
58. Plants should be grown in snail breeding paddocks in order to provide
59. Bees benefits from orchards by having
60. Which of the following statements about the worker bee are true? I. They train young bees to fly II. They mate with the queen III. They ventilate the hive