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WASSCE Animal Husbandry 2002 – Paper 1

WASSCE Animal Husb. 2002
1. An example of low energy source of poultry feed is
2. Which of the following parts of the male reproductive organ of farm animals stores the sperms?
3. The feed ingredient which is included in poultry diet to prevent rickets is
4. In which part of the ruminant stomach does enzymatic digestion take place?
5. The act of giving birth in pigs is termed
6. If each bird in poultry occupies a space of 0.25m2 determine the number of birds that would occupy a room of size 20m x 16m
7. Which of the following litter materials is most likely to cause respiratory blockage in fowls?
8. Unfertilized eggs of the queen in a bee colony hatch into
9. Which of the following functions are performed by the liver of an animal? I. Production of bile II. Secretion of insulin III. Detoxification
10. One effect of high environmental temperature on farm animals is
11. High humidity condition could affect milk production in farm animals by
12. Heart water disease in livestock is transmitted by
13. Which of the following vitamins is associated with fertility in farm animals
14. The main reason of using molasses as an additive in silage making is to
15. Common salt is added to livestock feed to
16. Which of the following vitamins helps to prevent night blindness in poultry
17. The hormone oxytocin is important in farm animals reproduction because it
18. The vertebrae in the neck region of a farm animal are collectively known as
19. Which of the following functions is performed by hydrochloric acid in the stomach of a pig?
20. The function of the heart in livestock is to
21. A major problem facing animal production in Ghana is
22. Carbohydrates in forages given to ruminants are digested mainly in the
23. Laying of thin-shelled eggs in poultry could be overcomed by
24. Which of the following equipment is used in poultry management?
25. The young of a turkey is called a
26. The area around the scrotum of a farm animal is washed and cleaned with antiseptic before castration in order to
27. Which of the following statement about sheep are correct? I. Females are polled Il. They are gregarious III. They are browsers
28. The range of oestrus in ewes is usually
29. Which of the following breeds of cattle is kept purposely for milk production?
30. A disease associated with the udder of ruminants is
31. One of the characteristics of browse plants for feeding livestock is their
32. Which of the following materials are used as baiting materials in bee keeping? I. Sugar Il. Cow dung III. Cassava flour
33. A dry cow is described as a cow that
34. Which of the following data should be collected when determining the digestibility of feed of ruminants? I. Urine output Il. Dry matter intake III. Fecal output
35. If 15% of a batch of 3000 eggs were infertile, determine the number of fertile eggs
36. One effect of steaming-up in livestock production is that
37. In Ghana pigs are primarily kept for their
38. Which of the following statements about snails are correct? I. They are poor in protein Il. They are nocturnal animals III. The main edible part is the foot
39. A disease caused by low blood glucose in cows after calving is
40. Miracidium is a stage in the life cycle of the
41. Which of the following signs are seen in a healthy goat? I. Bright eyes Il. Smooth and shiny coat III. Pelleted faeces
42. The function of endocrine glands is to produce
43. Pigs have a poor heat regulating mechanism because they
44. Which of the following farm animals has the highest feed conversion efficiency?
45. The gestation period of grass cutter is
46. The nymphal stages of ticks have
47. A grasscutter with a birth weight of 135g has an average growth rate of 8g per day. Determine its Weight on the 14th day
48. Which of the following plants is a legume for feeding livestock?
49. The yolk of an egg is held in place by the
50. Which of the following activities is performed by the pancreas in the digestive system of an animal?
51. Removal of the needle teeth is important in the management of
52. Which of the following views describe the orientation of a standing farm animals observed from above?
53. After fertilization in a farm animals, the foetus develops in the
54. Mosquito netting is used to cover the top of snail boxes to
55. Which of the following farm animals could be infected by cercarae?
56. Two example of zoonotic disease are
57. Acaricide could be applied to the body of a sheep to control
58. A rabbit is sexually and physically mature at
59. The most suitable part of the body for branding an animals as a means of identification is the
60. One of the symptoms exhibited by cattle that consume large amounts of leucaena is