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BECE ICT 2011 Essay

BECE: ICT 2011 essay

(a) Study the diagram below carefully and answer the questions that follow:

(i) What is the name of the application program used to create the above file?

(ii) Give the file name of the application program above.

(iii) Name the parts labelled A, B, C, D, E and F in the diagram.

(iv) State the functions for B and C in (a) above.


a)i) WordPad or Microsoft WordPad or MS WordPad
A- Work area or Text area or Document area
B Format bar or Formatting toolbar or Font type
C- Title bar
D- Menu bar
E Tool bar or Standard toolbar or Copy
F Rule or Ruler

iv) Functions of B

a) The formatting toolbar helps user to change the appearance of text or document on the screen such as underline or make bold or change colour or align or change the font size or style of a selected text.

b) It is used to arrange the layout of a document.

(b) List the steps (in the right order) involved in switching on a personal computer system.


i) Switch on power supply from the main socket.
ii) Press on the power button of the monitor.
iii) Press on the power button of the system unit.

i) Switch on power supply from the main socket
ii) Press on the power button of the system unit.
iii) Press on the power button of the monitor.

(c) Identify the following ICT tools:

c)i) Headset or earphone or headphone or earpiece
ii) Digital watch
iii) Pen drive or flash drive or USB modem or data stick or flash memory

(a) What is:
(i) Input device:
(ii) Output device:


a)i)Input device is a device used to enter data or information into the computer.

ii) Output device is a device that displays, prints, or presents the results of a computer’s work for human use.

(b) Classify the following into either input or output device in the table below:
(i) Microphone;
(ii) Joystick;
(iii) Webcam;
(iv) Plotter;
(v) Scanner;
(vi) Mouse;




(a) Explain the term desktop as used in the personal computer environment.


a) Desktop is the system’s main interface screen which displays the task bar, wallpaper, icons and provides quick access to programs and information. OR Desktop is a graphical user interface that appears after booting

(b) List three areas of learning where information and communication technology tools can be integrated.


i) Mathematics
ii) Science
iii) English
iv) French
v) Research work
vi) Music
vii) Basic Design and Technology
viii) Social Studies, etc.

(c) List two tools on the formatting toolbar of a word processing application.


c) 1. Bold
2. Italics
3. Underline
4. Font
5. Font type
6. Font colour
7. Highlight
8. Numbered
9. Bullets
10. Align left
11. Centre
12. Align right
13. Justify
14. Line spacing

(d) State two benefits associated with the use of information and communication tools in teaching and learning.


d) 1. It makes teaching and learning easy.
2. It makes students learn at their own pace.
3. It gives access to information and learning materials online.
4. It gives access to online libraries for research.
5. It facilitates e-learning.

(a) (i) What is internet?
(ii) List four uses of the internet


a) i)Internet is a global network of computers. OR Internet is a worldwide connection of computers.

ii) 1. Sharing software
2. Online communication
3. Exchange of views on topics of common interest
4. Online shopping
5. Posting of information of general interest
6. Feedback about products
7. Customer support service
8. Entertainment
9. Research
10. E-commerce

(b) (i) What is a web browser?
(ii) Give two examples of a web browser?


B.i) Web browser is an application software which enables a user to display and interact with images, videos, text, music, games and other information at a website.

II.Netscape Navigator
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Sea Monkey
Fire Fox

Explain the following terminologies:
a) Cell.
b) Column.
c) Row.
d) Graph.

a) A cell is a rectangular space created by the intersection of a row and a column.
b) A column is a vertical block of cells on a worksheet identified by an alphabetic character(s).
c) A row is a horizontal block of cells on a worksheet identified by a number.
d) A graph is the visual or pictorial representation of data or information.