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BECE BDT 2010 Essay

BECE: BDT 2010 section B

B.E.C.E. 2010

Answer Question 1 [compulsory] and two other questions.

a. What is a seam?


ANS: A seam is made when two or more pieces of fabric are permanently joined together with stitches. OR A seam is a method of joining two or more pieces of fabrics firmly together with stitches”

b. Suggest the correct stitches for:
i. fringed edge of a tablecloth.
ii. neckline of a baby’s petticoat.

i. ANS: Hem stitching

ii. ANS: Hemming, Blanket stitches.

c.Sketch the cube in two-point perspective drawing.

d. i. What is texture?
ii. List the two types of texture.

i. ANS: Texture refers to the smoothness or roughness of a surface.

• Simulated or Visual texture
• Tactile or Actual texture

e. Complete the table below by providing the type of texture associated with each object listed.


Object Texture

Banana Visual / Smooth

Pineapple Tactile / Rough

Unwashed terrazzo Tactile / Rough

a. State two methods suitable for joining sheet metals permanently.

i. Lap joint
ii. Butt joint
ii. Rivetted lap joint.

b. Sketch a lap joint used in sheet metal work.
c. List three items that can be manufactured from sheet metal.

i. Baking pan
ii. Funnel
iii. Name plate
iv. Oil Cans
v. Cake pans

d. Figure 1 shows the front view of a clock. Use it to answer the questions that follow.

i. State two properties of acrylic that make it suitable for making the face of the clock.

ii. List two tools that can be used to mark-out the shape of the face of the clock.

1. It has good light transmission qualities
2. Fairly hard wearing
3. It cracks easily
1. Pair of dividers
2. Awl
3. Wing compasses
4. Pencil
5. Marking knife
6. Snips


Figure 2 shows the front elevation and plan of a square of a prism. Use it to answer question 3(a).

a. Draw full size, the following:
i. front elevation
ii. plan
iii. surface development

b. State one use of each of the following electronic components:
i. Capacitor
ii. inductor
iii. diode

i. Capacitor: It is used to store electricity, or electrical energy.
ii. Inductor: It is a passive electrical component that can store energy in a magnetic field. It can also convert electrical energy to mechanical energy.

iii. Diode: It is a semi conductor device that allow current to flow in onc direction.

c. Make a freehand pictorial sketch of a wooden mallet.

a. Make a freehand sketch of a cross-cut saw.

N/B: The candidate must ensure that sketches always have rough edges

b. i. In Figure 3, identify the tools labelled V and W.
ii. State one use each of the tools identified in (bi)

i. ANS: The tool labelled “V” is Gauge rod Part ‘W’ is called Spirit Level
ii. ANS: The Gauge rod is used to check the number of courses in a block wall. The Spirit level is used for plumbing a block/brick wall. It can also be called a plumb level.

c. List three materials from which sandcrete blocks are manufactured.

i. Sand (Fine aggregate)
ii. Cement (Binding material)
iii. Lime
iv. Laterite
iii. helmet
iv. goggles

d. State one reason each for using the following in the workshop.
i. apron
ii. glove
iii. helmet
iv. goggles

i.Apron is used to protect the body against injuries in the workshop.
ii. Glove is used to protect the hands
iii. Helmet is used to protect the head
iv. Goggle is used to protect the eyes from injuries.